Venezuelans telling a Venezuelan story

Unlike many films and TV shows about people of color produced by mainstream media, A Family of Stories is a film told by those who best understand the story because they are living through it. We are extremely fortunate to have on our team some of the most talented and successful Venezuelan filmmakers working today. Hover and click over the photos below to learn about them.

Alexandra Hidalgo

Director, Producer, Writer, Editor

Natalia Machado


Cristina Carrasco

Editor, Writer

Andrea Chignoli

Consulting Editor

Nathaniel Bowler

Director of Photography

Rodolfo Pérez López


María Carolina Agüero Altuve

Venezuela 2018 Unit Managing Producer

Rober Calzadilla

Venezuela 2018 Unit Director

Amanda Pérez

Venezuela 2018 Unit Director of Photography

Ana Lucía Salamanca

Venezuela 2016 Unit Director of Photography

Andrés Rondón

Camera Operator, Production Coordinator

Hannah Countryman

Web Designer