About our film

In 1983, Miguel Hidalgo, a Venezuelan writer, inventor, economist, and martial artist who grew up in the United States, disappeared in the Venezuelan Amazon, leaving behind his six-year-old daughter, Alexandra. Inspired by her father’s writing legacy and by generations of storytelling ancestors, Alexandra spends her childhood and adulthood trying to figure out how to tell her father’s story. She not only has to untangle the mystery of his absence but also understand how her MIT-educated father with a genius IQ ended up going to the depths of the Amazon to buy gold from miners he would then resell in Caracas.

In 2004, Alexandra, now a US-based filmmaker, traveled to the remote town of his vanishing, camcorder in hand. What she discovered set her on a new quest to understand the man she always idolized. The film interweaves her 2004 journey with scenes of her present-day investigation into the lies her father told while crafting his own persona like he had the protagonists of his stories. As she realizes that she modeled her life after the mirage her father created, Alexandra must come to terms with his lies. She must also face the fact that her passion for storytelling led her to deceive herself about who her father was and about her own identity. Having completed her search, she starts over, aware of how her past shaped her but ready to move beyond the wounds she has carried since childhood.

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My father took after his mother and had a lifelong infatuation with writing. He published his first poem in his school’s newsletter when he was five and never stopped creating worlds with words.

When will the film be finished?

The film is currently in postproduction. Please stay tuned and sign up for our community letter for further developments. We can’t wait to share this film with you.